Live from Melbourne – AussieCon4 and the Vic mezz wonderland

I’m currently staying in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia where a friend and I are attending AussieCon4, the 68th World Science Fiction Convention.

So far, things are going very well for several reasons.

First, I love Melbourne. It’s an interesting city that I’ve barely scratched the surface of, so any excuse to come here is more than welcome.

Second, I enjoy hotel-living. For me, it’s a life-style that is uncluttered and relaxing, yet also challenging and rewarding. While living in a hotel makes several aspects of life more manageable, like not having so much housework to worry about, it does require good organisation in other areas, like ensuring that you get your limited laundry done at the right times (especially during work-related travel). Fortunately, I enjoy efficiency and learning new skills, so I don’t find the challenges of hotel-living to be a chore.

Third, I’ve spent my first day at AussieCon4, and I liked it a lot. Although I’ve been to a few small conventions before, this is my first big science-fiction convention – an experience before mid-2007 that I thought I’d never have because, although I’d read about cons for many years and found them very interesting, the idea of actually attending one was uncomfortable for several reasons. Fortunately, though, I’ve gotten over those hang-ups and I’m very glad that I have.

Fourth, going with a friend is rewarding because many great experiences are even better when shared, and at night we can talk about what we heard, saw and thought during the day. As well, unexpectedly bumping into another friend whom I last saw over a year ago was a delight.

Finally, leading up to this trip I was looking forward to a specific experience that I hoped would come true, and it has – several times.

This is my third stay at the cozy Victoria Hotel. For me, one of the several attractions of the Vic is its mezzanine level, which is a great place to relax and watch life go by. During my previous stays here, I spent all of my mezz time meeting and talking with others – but leading up to this visit, I also fantasized about late-night solo sessions relaxing with my laptop PC and a bag of drinks and snack-foods.

And for the last three nights, those late-night solo sessions have gone exactly to plan. Not only have they been enjoyable as relaxing now-time, they’ve also good codas to the productive and rewarding days that I’ve enjoyed so far.

I plan to file at least one more post from here before returning home to Sydney next week. Until then, stay well and take care 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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