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Addiction and Recovery
Addiction Center – Depression and Addiction (USA)
“The symptoms of depression can drive some people toward substance use to cope with their condition. However, consuming drugs or alcohol to self-medicate depression symptoms can increase the risk for addiction. Learn about the causes of addiction and co-occurring depression, and why professional treatment is vital for overcoming both conditions.”

Alcohol Rehab Guide – Treating Alcoholism (USA)
“When you’re struggling with an alcohol use disorder (AUD), you may feel as though there’s no end in sight, but you don’t have to suffer alone. There are many treatment options available today that will help you recover from alcoholism and get back to living a healthy and fulfilling life.” (USA)
“ is a drug rehab center directory and substance abuse information resource. Our website is dedicated to educating our users about drug and alcohol addiction.”

Best Mattress Reviews – Addiction and (USA)
“Addiction and sleep share a problematic bidirectional relationship, where each influences the other. Many people treat sleep problems with drugs and alcohol, which can lead to addiction…In this guide we’ll explore the common sleep disorders associated with addiction, the cyclical relationship between addiction and sleep, and suggested resources and strategies for managing sleep during recovery.” (USA)
“At, our mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and lead a lifelong recovery.”

The Fix
The Fix is a daily website about alcoholism, addiction, recovery and the drug war. It was launched in March 2011 by a team of experienced editors and writers, and is a strictly independent journalistic enterprise, with no ties to any rehab centers, medical facilities, twelve-step or moderation management programs, or government agencies. Our mission is to focus broad attention on a wide array of news, scientific advances and opinions on this controversial and contentious subject. Credible, unvarnished facts about America’s most massive public health crisis are sorely under-reported in the mainstream media. The Fix hopes to address that gap.”

Our Dental Care Blog – Substance Abuse and Dental Care (USA)
“The mission of Our Dental Care Blog is to educate Americans on the importance of oral health.”

Depression and OCD
“I am an advocate for OCD Awareness and want to spread the word that OCD, no matter how severe, is treatable.”

Ideas and Issues
The Consumerist
“Shoppers bite back!”

The Good Men Project
“‘The Good Men Project is a glimpse of what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century,’ the press raved when we launched. We had set out to start an international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. And with over 5 million visitors coming to join in every month, it looks as if we’ve done exactly that.”

The Reality-Based Community
“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

“TheSeeds4Life is a website that provides both inspirational messages and personal development articles. All are based around a wide range of quotes in the areas of self-development, personal growth, and self-improvement.

This site was created around the idea that your mind functions like a garden, with your thoughts acting like the Seeds. The more inspirational or positive thoughts you Seed within your mind, the more flowers you’ll grow.”

Interesting Folks
Average Cohabiting Chump (Workshy Joe’s old blog)
“This blog is aimed not just at helping the Average Frustrated Chump, but also the Ghost and the Average Cohabiting Chump as well.

“The key thing that I want from this blog is feedback from readers. Questions, comments, suggestions. This isn’t just a “Dear Diary” experience for me. It’s a dialogue.”

Hit Coffee
Hit Coffee is the story of Will Truman, a (US) southern transplant that has been moving around from one part of the country to the next. This site is a collection of reflections on the goings-on in his life and in the world around him. You will probably be relieved to know that he does not generally refer to himself in the third-person except when he’s writing short bios on his web page.”

The Art of Manliness
“Reviving the lost art of manliness.”

Sleep Disorders and Recovery
Tuck Sleep
“Everything you need for a great night’s sleep. Evidence-based sleep health information, news, and unbiased product reviews.”


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  1. workshyjoe says:

    I’m all thawed out now and I’ve got a new domain on wordpress.

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