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Like many other people around the world, I’ve become engrossed by the current plight of the 33 surviving miners at the Copiapó mining disaster in Chile. It’s stunning to think that not only have they been down there for 17-18 … Continue reading

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Black dogs, spinach and clouds

It was back in 2003 when I first heard the term “black dog”, Sir Winston Churchill’s famous description for his depression. That term immediately conjured up a powerful image of a mean and snarling black dog that was harassing a … Continue reading

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‘Giant Double Rainbow’ – what it did mean to me

Two nights ago, I saw the ‘Giant Double Rainbow’ video that has become one of the latest viral sensations to sweep the ‘Net (if you haven’t yet experienced it, here’s a good start). I found it very interesting for two … Continue reading

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Electric Samurai

Friday night, 6 August 2010, shortly after 9pm. I had just left Pizza Hut to head up to Event Cinemas, about a hundred metres away on the other side of busy George Street, where I would see the 9:30pm session … Continue reading

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The unfinished book that changed my life

Throughout my life, I have read and enjoyed many books. Some of them have made a big impact upon me. But in recent years, the book that perhaps has had the biggest impact on my life was one that I … Continue reading

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“One day at a time at one hour at a time”

The above quotation is one of several that I use to help me live with depression. Previously, two of my biggest problems were dwelling too much on the past and worrying too much about the future. As a result, the … Continue reading

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The Black and Blue Man comes around

Back in mid-2007, after a month of therapy, a psychiatrist confirmed what others and I had suspected for many years – I suffer from depression, and probably have been all of my life. As a result, the therapy continued and … Continue reading

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