Electric Samurai

Friday night, 6 August 2010, shortly after 9pm.

I had just left Pizza Hut to head up to Event Cinemas, about a hundred metres away on the other side of busy George Street, where I would see the 9:30pm session of the film Centurion (which would have a disappointing ending, but otherwise it was a very enjoyable Romans-versus-Picts chase-thriller).

I stood at the lights outside the Metro Theatre, and as I waited for them to change I heard powerful electric-guitar music coming from across George Street, almost directly opposite me.

There was a young man standing there, busking.

He was Asian, and wearing a purple-and-white samurai-style kimono.

And he was playing his electric guitar fast and furiously like a member of a ‘80s heavy-metal band, raising it high in the air as he blasted power-riffs at a small gathering crowd.

I was very amused and very impressed.

So much so that I quickly took out my wallet and tried to scoop out all of the silver coins inside before the lights changed (I got most of them out).

And I crossed George Street, headed straight to the electric samurai, threw all of the silver in my hand at his feet, and with my other hand gave him the Sign of the Horns.

To which he responded with a loud “ALL RIGHT!”

And he raised his guitar once more and fired off another power-riff.

It was one of life’s great little moments, and it is featured here at a depression blog for several reasons.

First, seeing the Electric Samurai cheered me up. I wasn’t feeling down or miserable or sad at the time, especially as I was going to a film that I’d been eagerly awaiting for some months – but that young man’s unique and exciting act was an added bonus to that evening’s good mood.

Second, I was compelled to act – both to pay him for his delightful performance, and join in on the fun by showing him the Horns. Before mid-2007, it would have been very unlikely that I would have done either of those actions – especially showing the Horns – but now I feel a lot more comfortable about doing things like that.

Finally, the Electric Samurai was demonstrating something else along with his creativity and showmanship that I greatly admired and respected – confidence. He was brave enough to stand in a busy public place and do something that was very out of the ordinary, and he was not only reaping the rewards but making others happy.

Confidence is an important subject that I will talk about in the near future, and perhaps several times, as it’s something that I misunderstood for most of my life but am finally learning what it actually means.

Until then, stay well and take care – and may the Electric Samurai keep on rocking 🙂

UPDATE 18/9/2010
The Electric Samurai rocks again!

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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