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OFFS! (Part 1)

Ever since mid-2007 when I began my recovery, it’s always inspiring and rewarding to learn and apply another lesson about living that enables my life to keep getting better. But sometimes for whatever reason, intentionally or unintentionally, you forget what … Continue reading

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Reading all through the night

Related post: All through the night Apart from sleeping and working better, my new routine of staying up all night has led to something else to look forward to after midnight. Several weeks ago, this article at Slate introduced me … Continue reading

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All through the night

A funny thing happened after I began working from home in October 2010. My approximate bedtime of 2am most nights soon became 5am most nights. Because I no longer had to think about waking up by a certain time each … Continue reading

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Poor Man, Rich Man: DA (Part 3)

Part 1 Part 2 A week later, I went back to DA. And for the next six months I went back to most meetings, unless something suddenly came up that night. The routine very quickly fell into place – catching … Continue reading

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