Return of the Electric Samurai

Friday night, 17 August 2010, shortly before 10pm.

For the first time in weeks, I had Friday dinner at Pizza Hut on George Street here in Sydney. It was good to revisit one of my favourite haunts and spend almost five hours there, dining and reading and writing and unwinding for the weekend ahead.

When I finally left Pizza Hut and headed northwards up George towards home, the southbound Friday-night walkers were coming at full throttle, and like the Millennium Falcon zigzagging through an asteroid field I weaved back and forth to escape oncoming collision – especially from a very determined woman pushing a baby-stroller at ramming speed and making sure that everyone got out of her way.

Not long after that close call, I was passing McDonald’s when I suddenly heard a loud, familiar and very welcome sound almost directly opposite from across George Street.

The Electric Samurai was back!

It was good to see and hear him again…

…and then I had an idea.

First, I looked around for somewhere I could quickly duck into. Alas, McDonald’s was full and Star Bar a few doors up was even worse – but across George Street, a few doors up from the electric samurai, the almost-empty Hungry Jack’s beckoned.

Second, I crossed over George to Hungry Jack’s, grabbed a seat and emptied all of the silver coins out of my wallet.

Third, I took out my laptop PC, fired it up, wrote down in my paper notebook the URL for the Electric Samurai’s first appearance here at Black and Blue Man, and added some words of thanks.

Fourth, I shut down the laptop and returned it to my backpack, tore out the page I’d just written on in my notebook, added it to my silver change, gathered up all of my other gear and rushed back outside – because a few minutes ago I could no longer hear the Electric Samurai, and I feared that he’d gone.

Finally, to my great relief I saw that he was still there, now playing quietly, so I headed straight down to him, dumped my coins and note at his feet, and once again gave him the Sign of the Horns.

To which he not only responded with “ALL RIGHT!” like last time, but he also raised one hand from his guitar and returned my Horns.

It was a great way to see in a weekend – so once again, Electric Samurai, thank you very much and keep on rocking 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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