The year ahead and a 2010 resolution I did keep

It’s the second day of the new year, and once again I’m enjoying a Sabbath – from 20 December until yesterday, life had been enjoyable if hectic, so for the first time in almost two weeks I’m having a quiet day at home to relax and unwind.

As I’ve gotten older, the period between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day has become my favourite time of the year for several reasons:

  • It’s summer here in Australia
  • Because many people are holidaying, my part of Sydney is more peaceful and relaxed than usual
  • It’s a good time to review the year past and think about the year ahead

Initially, I was going to use this post to list my goals, plans and resolutions for 2011…but as many of us have learned from previous experience, there’s always a danger to yourself and others when you make such bold announcements – later on, when things haven’t gone quite as planned (or at all), they become painful big sticks for yourself and others to beat yourself with.

Instead, though, I will recommend the following blogpost from the one and only Larry Winget:

10 Ways To Make New Years Resolutions Stick

Looking back at my 2010, overall it was a pretty good year. There were a few major lows, but fortunately I was able to react better to them than I would have in the past – and most importantly of all, there were some great highs which have made my life better as a result.

This time last year, I had a few resolutions in mind. Admittedly, most of them I’ve forgotten, and there were some mistakes I still kept making – but there is one resolution I have kept.

Initially, I had planned in 2010 to create a blog or website about creative writing. The object of this exercise was to share my work and get feedback, and motivate myself to write regularly.

Months passed, however, and no such blog or website appeared. Part of it was a loss of interest and motivation for creative writing, and part of it was OCD and procrastination getting in the way – I wanted my blog or website to be absolutely perfect before it went live, damn it, and so I wanted to plan and research how to do this…but, I never got around to doing that.

By June 2010, however, I got an idea. I still wanted to write somehow, though…so why not write about something that I had some knowledge about?

So I jotted down a few ideas, put them aside, finally did a little research about setting up a blog or website, mulled over whether I thought it was a good idea or not, worried about the saying “Those who can’t write, write about themselves”, finally told myself to “Damn it – just do it!” and on the night of 2 August 2010 discovered that you can indeed create a WordPress blog in minutes.

And so, Black and Blue Man was born, and six months later it’s been even more rewarding and satisfying than I could have imagined. Not only have I gotten feedback from all around the world, and not only have I been included on the blogrolls of two widely-read blogs that I read daily, but writing for Black and Blue Man has helped me to enjoy the challenges and pleasures of writing even more.

Until next time, stay well and take care and have a great 2011! 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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