The 10-Year Plan

Recently at his blog, Roosh posted the interesting and thought-provoking entry What Is Your Project? about challenging, improving and growing yourself.

After Roosh explains why it’s important and rewarding to keep taking that one step further in your life, he ends his post by questioning the reader with “So, what is your project?”

That question got me thinking, and then I realised that I had an answer – a long-term project I conceived last year called The 10-Year Plan.

This project was inspired by several factors:

  • Wanting to become financially secure
  • Not wanting to own a home
  • Enjoying urban living, which I have been doing since 1995
  • Enjoying domestic travel and hotel living, which I have done more of in recent years

So, by the time I’m 50, I want to be in the following situation:

  • Financially secure, in that I am living comfortably and can afford what I need and want
  • Living in a hotel or serviced apartment in a Sydney inner-city area or major urban centre
  • Able to make visits a few times a year to favourite locations like Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne, and also visit new places (and maybe overseas as well)

So what do I need to do to realise The 10-Year Plan? At present, I have a few sub-projects either already in motion or on the drawing board.

Get my financial house in order
I have a modest income that already enables me to live quite comfortably – but I still only live from pay to pay, have very little savings and no types of investment or passive income. So, I will have to become financially literate and increase my income.

Fortunately, I have taken my first few steps here by starting to save and doing some reading, and I am finding it encouraging and interesting rather than being a chore.

De-clutter my life
Partly because of my anal-retentiveness and OCD, my current abode is an over-filled nightmare and obstacle course filled with:

  • favourite things like hundreds of books, CDs and DVDs
  • things that I haven’t used for years but have either still hung onto because one day I may need them again, or just pretend that they’re not there

So, during the next 10 years almost all of this will have to go. I have begun selling some of this stuff on eBay and am also contemplating giving other stuff to local charities.

The biggest issue here, though, is my books. Although there are many I can get rid of, there are still many I’d like to keep for practical and sentimental reasons (yes, there are some I could replace with ebook editions, but others I cannot; as well, I love physical books).

Keep expanding my horizons
Up until the mid-2000s, and apart from annual visits to family interstate, I travelled rarely due to a lack of interest and lack of guts. During the past few years, however, as I found myself travelling interstate more for work, not only did I find that I enjoyed it but I also learned more and more interesting skills. As a result, I now enjoy domestic travel and am interested in doing more of it.

As yet, though, I still haven’t been overseas. Before mid-2007, this was something I never considered because it seemed too daunting…but now that I’ve gotten much better, I’ve been giving it more thought.

Of course, between now and 2021, aspects of The 10-Year Plan may change – but the overall intent will remain the same: to have a better life by the time I’m 50, and to be able to look back and marvel at what I accomplished to get there.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂


About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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3 Responses to The 10-Year Plan

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  2. whorefinder says:

    Good luck man. That inspires me to make one, too!

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