Songs of Inspiration 1 (the first in an irregular series)

Friday, 25 February, 2011. Just after 7:30pm.

It was a pleasant evening in Potts Point, a Sydney inner-city suburb. I’d just enjoyed a few hours having some laughs with an old friend, and I was at a local restaurant that she’d recommended where I’d just enjoyed a delicious pizza.

The night was still young, and I didn’t feel like going home yet, so what to do?

I moseyed online to a local website that lists all of the movies currently playing in Sydney, and I saw to my delight that a local arthouse cinema was showing a classic double that began at 8:30pm – Dog Day Afternoon and Bonnie And Clyde.

But then, a familiar nagging voice from the back of my mind started protesting (albeit much softer than it used to before mid-2007).

You’ve already seen Bonnie And Clyde a few times before – including once at that same cinema.

You tried watching Dog Day Afternoon many years before on VHS but didn’t finish it.

It’ll be four hours at the movies, and you might fall asleep (as you have done several times before).

What if you need to go to the toilet? You can’t leave your backpack on your seat, because it contains your work’s laptop PC and if it gets stolen…

…and so on for a few more reasons.

I gave those nagging thoughts some consideration.

But then I considered that:

  • I’d always liked Bonnie And Clyde
  • my present self might appreciate Dog Day Afternoon a lot more than I’d tried to about 20 years before (yikes!) – and this time, I’d be seeing it on the big screen
  • that same cinema was where last year I’d had one of my best movie-going experiences ever
  • if I fall asleep, big deal
  • if I have to go to the toilet, just take my fucking backpack with me!

But most of all, there was the overall reason that I have used to help me make many important decisions during the past few years.

Part of that reason comes from remembering my Eckhart Tolle, and part of it comes from a song that struck a powerful chord when I first heard it about a year or so ago.

WARNING! The following song is by Nickelback, which may offend some listeners and viewers

Nickelback – ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’

I first saw the above video in a restaurant where I couldn’t hear the song because of the surrounding noise. Later at home, I YouTubed the above video, liked the song immediately (as I have with several other Nickelback songs), read more about it at Wikipedia and bought it from iTunes.

And ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ still gets a lot of airplay on my PC and iPod – and elsewhere, I think of it a lot when I’m making a decision about doing something or not.

True, there are instances where sometimes it has been better not to do something – but most times, it’s better to take the chance, rather than one day look back and regret what I didn’t do.

So, that moment in Potts Point, I once again told the nagging voice to be quiet.

Next, I left the restaurant and did the following:

  • walked to the next suburb where the cinema is
  • grabbed a big bottle of Pepsi Max and a medium tub of Ben And Jerry’s from a 7-11 near the cinema *
  • spent the next 4.5 hours thoroughly enjoying Dog Day Afternoon and Bonnie And Clyde (again) with another great movie-loving audience

And during intermission when I had to go the toilet, I took my backpack with me.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

* At present in Australia, there are no Ben And Jerry’s outlets and their ice cream can only be found at a few retailers for ritzy prices; therefore, it’s a delicacy that most folks here reserve for special occasions – but it helps makes those occasions even more memorable 🙂


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