When half a metre makes a world of difference

To my regular readers, my apologies for missing last week’s post.

Unfortunately, during most of the past week and a half, I had a major bout with the black dog. It disrupted a lot of my usual routines and sometimes made me feel like doing nothing at all.

Fortunately, the worst of it now seems to be over. As always, my psychiatrist was a great help during my most recent visit a few days ago. Also, being able to work from home allowed me to rest when needed, work when I could and still meet my deadlines.

As well, during the middle of that bleak period there was a day of activity that, in the days that followed, helped to blunt the black dog’s bite.

That activity was prompted by two things – buying some items from IKEA, and having to sort out some of the clutter in my small apartment so those new items could fit in.

In fact, I had to start on the clutter first so I could have space for assembling my new stuff.

At first, digging through years of cluttered neglect was worrying, and then angering. How had I let things get this bad?!?

Finally, though, I got tired of the negativity – and although I didn’t quite yell “ENOUGH!” I did tell myself that there’s no turning back now, so just get stuck into it.

And I did.

The small hallway outside my front door became a temporary storeroom for several armloads of stuff (although I made sure not to block my neighbour’s door and access to the fire extinguisher).

I spent a long time clearing more stuff from behind, under and on top of my side-desk, and then removing dust from a lot of that stuff with moist wipes and paper towels – but because I yet again remembered my Eckhart Tolle and embraced the moment, it was actually quite a zen activity.

Fortunately, my side-desk is on castor wheels so it was easy to move it back about half a metre into now clutter-free space, and from that moment onward everything else fell into place.

I assembled my new big-arse desk chair, and despite its size I was surprised and delighted to find that not only was it the easiest desk chair I’ve built, it’s also turned out to be the most comfortable and sturdiest.

I laid down the big floormat I’d also gotten from IKEA and wheeled my new chair onto it – and when I stood back and observed my new improved workplace, which is also the centre of my home, it was very encouraging.

Even better, though, was how moving my side-desk had freed up more space between it and my main desk – so I filled part of it with most of the six towers of books that had occupied half of my main desk for the past two years. There are still three (smaller) towers left on my desk – but now I have more space to work and surf in.

I brought back in my stuff from the hallway outside and placed it within the rest of the new space between my desks, so that it was now out of the way and not taking up extra floorspace as it had before.

By then, most of the day was gone, and my body ached – but it was that pleasant ache you get from prolonged physical effort that results in success like a more organised home.

I showered, went out for dinner and came home for the last job of the day – assembling a tall floor lamp that casts light more pleasantly than my ceiling fixture.

That night, I went to bed exhausted but happy.

Over the next few days, the black dog returned – but because I now had a better and more comfortable workplace, the dog gnawed rather than bit hard.

There is still a lot more clutter to organise better – and ultimately get rid of – but another big step has been taken for my 10-Year Plan. And I’m keen to take more.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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