Attack of the Australian nanny state – Part 3

Previous installments in this series:
Part 1
Part 2

As I mentioned at the end of Part 2, my plan was to write to Event Cinemas and ask if they had a policy in place that prevented individuals from buying more than one (1) ticket to films rated MA15+.

I haven’t written to them yet – but earlier this week, when my friend and I agreed to see the MA15+ fantasy comedy Your Highness, I decided to conduct an experiment.

So last Tuesday evening, several hours before the late-night session we’d planned to attend, I did the following:

  1. I entered Event Cinemas on George Street here in Sydney
  2. I joined the queue at the ticket office
  3. I looked around to see if the young man who’d served me when I’d tried to buy tickets for Paul was around, but he wasn’t
  4. I eventually moved to the head of the queue and was called by the next available ticket-seller, who was also a young man
  5. I asked for three (3) tickets to the late session of Your Highness

The young man did the following:

  1. He said “Certainly!” or “Sure!” (I’m afraid I can’t remember which)
  2. He asked whereabouts I’d like to sit in the cinema (I chose the back)
  3. He handed me three (3) tickets after I’d handed over sufficient cash to pay for them, and wished me a good night (I did the same in return)


An hour or so later when my friend arrived at Star Bar to join me for dinner, I presented the results of my experience and he was similarly intrigued.

What did those results mean?

  1. Has Event Cinemas recently abandoned a policy that prevented individuals from buying more than one (1) ticket to MA15+ films?
  2. Is such a policy still in place – but has there been a process failure in keeping all staff informed?
  3. Did I come across as very alpha and not to be trifled with, and so the policy was waived for my situation?

1 is not impossible but rather unlikely, and 3 is very unlikely, so I favour 2.

Whatever the reason, I now have something more to add into my eventual query to Event Cinemas.

And Your Highness was stupid good fun – especially if you’re a former role-player like me, as several moments in the film reminded me of game incidents where character decisions, dice-rolls or both went unexpectedly well or catastrophically wrong.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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