Therapy Laffs

Ever since Black and Blue Man began…yikes, 10 months ago, I’ve often mentioned that the therapy I began in mid-2007 has been a tremendous help with treating my depression.

Once a week, I visit my psychiatrist in a neighbouring suburb and for 30 minutes we discuss any problems I’ve been having and any accomplishments I’ve achieved.

At times it’s been challenging, confronting, grim and unnerving – but overall, it’s been rewarding and thought-provoking. Thanks to advice and support from my psychiatrist, I’ve taken several important steps out of my comfort zone and increased the scope for what I can achieve and enjoy in life.

And as with most other things in life, there have also been the funny moments. This entry presents two of my favourites.

As well, this post has given me the excuse to finally feature the above classic cartoon from Gary Larson’s The Far Side.

Laff 1
When I visit my psychiatrist each week, the following routine usually takes place:

  1. When the appointment before mine finishes, he walks that patient to the front door of the waiting room, bids them farewell, greets me and tells me that he’ll be with me in a moment
  2. As he returns inside his office for a moment, I turn and look out the waiting-room window to the street outside
  3. A moment later, I’ll hear the door to his office open, and I turn to him stepping out of his office to allow me to go in

About a year or so ago, I was there for an appointment and as usual, Steps 1 and 2 took place.

A moment passed.

I didn’t hear the sound of his door open to begin Step 3.

I kept looking out the waiting-room window.

Another moment passed.

I frowned with puzzlement, looked back over my shoulder at the office door –

– and suddenly found my psychiatrist standing right beside me.

I startle very easily.

Which is why I cried out “BLAH!” and leaped back from him.

A moment later, I apologised for my over-reaction.

He smiled quietly, assured me that there was no problem and gestured me to his office.

Had he deliberately snuck up on me for a cheap laugh…or had he come up behind me, realised that I hadn’t yet heard him, and then waited for me to finally realise he was there and be startled for a cheap laugh?

Whatever the reason, I bear no malice because I thought it was pretty funny.

Laff 2
It was about a month ago, and my appointment that day was just over an hour away when I decided to do some important online research.

Two nights before, I had gone to a live recording of Top Gear Australia, and between segments there had been a warm-up man not doing too bad a job, although from time to time there were some awkward pauses as he quickly thought up new material.

That had reminded me of Alexei Sayle’s infamous character Bobby Chariot, and so I decided to revisit him via YouTube through the following clips:

In turn, that led me to the following Alexei monologues:

Those last two clips in particular had me in stitches over and over again – until I realised the potential danger I’d now put myself in.

What if I still was laughing my head off at Alexei while walking to the psychiatrist…and then at his office?

I stopped laughing, calmed down, and put Alexei at the back of my mind.

Soon, I walked to the psychiatrist without incident.

Next, I waited outside his office without further incident.

After that, the appointment before me finished and my psychiatrist gestured me into his office.

I went in, put aside my bags, sat down…

…but as my psychiatrist sat down opposite me, those two Alexei clips came rushing back, as well as how I’d told myself barely an hour before to not think about them when I got here…

…and so here I was, thinking about those blasted clips again.

I mentally commanded myself to stop thinking about them.

I kept thinking about them.

My psychiatrist sat quietly in his chair.

Quickly, my mind raced to find a way out of this latest mess I’d gotten myself into, thinking about those damn clips –

– and finally, I looked up at my psychiatrist.

I told him quickly, “Excuse me, I’ve just got to get this out of my system – ”

And I burst out laughing.

I kept laughing for about the next 10 seconds or so, and indeed I finally got those blasted clips out of my system.

My psychiatrist continued to sit quietly in his chair.

I finished laughing, took a deep breath, and asked him if he was familiar with Alexei Sayle.

Fortunately, he said that he was, and so I explained why I had just sat there and suddenly burst out laughing like a…loon.

He smiled, assured me that there was no problem, and added that it was good to see me laugh.

I felt much better.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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