The Black and Blue Ghost: Part 3

Previous installments in this series:

As well, it is recommended to read Part 3 of Workshy Joe’s series ‘Men Who Go Ghost’, which inspired this series


Early in Part Three of ‘Men Who Go Ghost’, Workshy Joe asks the following question:

…will men who are currently not making any kind of effort with women want to learn Game?

In my case, the answer is yes. Although I said previously that I’m content being a Ghost, there may come the day when I decide to plunge headlong into the fray – and if I do, Game seems like a good place to start.

In fact, even though I currently don’t date, Game has already had a big impact upon my life.

Late in 2009, I read Neil Strauss’s now-classic The Game, and it’s still one of the most interesting and thought-provoking non-fiction books I’ve ever read. Not only did Strauss write an always compelling and very entertaining story about becoming a pick-up artist, but The Game made me regard men and women in a different way and understand why they do some of the things they do.

As a result, and in combination with the progress I was making with my depression, I began changing my behaviour. As a result, life kept getting better. For example, I’ve already described how I’ve learned to walk with more confidence along Sydney streets; coupled with that, instead of immediately looking away if an attractive woman saw me looking at her, I’d hold her gaze instead. Why be ashamed of getting caught admiring her?

As well, learning to live with depression was like learning inner game. Thanks to my medication and therapy, I was feeling much less self-consciousness and self-loathing, and instead I was feeling much better about myself and taking further steps out of my comfort zone.

In early 2010 I stumbled upon the Manosphere and have since continued to read blogs like those by Roissy, Roosh and Obsidian. I don’t agree with everything that’s written, but like The Game some of it keeps me thinking,


Returning to Workshy Joe and Part 3 of ‘Men Who Go Ghost’, he also asks the following question:

What happens to a man when he doesn’t have sex for extended periods of time?

In my experience: not much that was a problem.

Looking back, I do have some regrets that I never made any attempt to get any jollies – and I also regret the defeatist and negative mindset I had during that time where I thought of myself only as an unattractive oaf. I also wonder if getting involved with women during that time may have led me to improving my life much sooner.

At the same time, however, I came to enjoy solitude a great deal (as I still do) and having most of my time to myself to indulge in pastimes like reading, playing video games and (from the late ‘90s onwards) surfing the internet. I’ve rarely gotten bored – and ever since reading a little of Eckhart Tolle’s famous work, even less so.

As well, although I never engaged in any physical action, there was a lot of mental action. Ever since adolescence, in my mind I have made love thousands of times to thousands of women.

Maybe this was part of the problem, being content with fantasy and not setting out to create a reality…but at least no animals and people were harmed in the process.


Near the end of his Part 3, Workshy Joe makes the following suggestion:

I would also add that in the case of Ghosts, its better to stick to soft porn. Hardcore imagery that is all about penetration and coupling could be psychologically counterproductive in that instance.

I agree. In most cases, I’ve find hard porn to be counterproductive…

…not psychologically, though, but because it’s ugly.

Ugly production values, ugly background music, ugly dialogue that’s often unintentionally hilarious, and most of all ugly male actors blocking the camera with their even uglier hairy arses.

And on that note, stay well and take care 🙂

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