The Longest Day (Epilogue)

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There are several things I’ve gained from my first experience with major dental pain.

First, as advised by my dentist, I now floss my teeth at least once a day. Previously, I’d never flossed because thanks to never having any dental trouble, I thought it was unnecessary – but now it’s an extra precaution I’m willing to take.

Second, I always now have extra-strength painkillers at home and in my backpack.

Third, thanks to what I’ve learned during the past few years, I’ve become more calm and pro-active. Although parts of my experience were excruciating, frightening and maddening, I was able to mostly keep my head, assess what could be done, and take action – and even if that action didn’t do much or nothing at all, it was better to try than not attempt anything at all.

And finally, there’s the biggest lesson I learned that day.


Just over a year ago, I posted ‘The 10-Year Plan’ in which I outlined what I’d like to achieve with my life in 10 years’ time, when I’m 50.

One of my objectives is to “get my financial house in order”, which includes saving money and to stop living from pay to pay.

For most of 2011 after I posted ‘The 10-Year Plan’, I did make some progress with changing my financial thinking, and life did get better as a result…

…but I still have a lot to learn, especially that living from pay to pay and not having emergency funds is dangerous and reckless, and leaves me at the mercy of others.

I have been aware of that fact for some time, but my longest day really made me appreciate it.


When I was first drafting this post and I went back to The 10-Year Plan, I was stunned when I saw the date I’d published it – 6 February 2011.

Not only is that over a year ago – already?!? – but it’s also eight days before one of the most important dates in my life thus far.

Yes, Valentine’s Day 2011 – but what happened on that day had nothing to do with love or sex.

It’s part of a story that previously I was very reluctant to tell here, and several times I considered a separate blog for it – but after much thought and some discussion with my psychiatrist, from next week that story will become an ongoing part of Black and Blue Man.

Until then, stay well and take care 🙂

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