Again, one does not simply walk into Clouston & Hall Booksellers (Part 3)

Part 1
Part 2

Shortly after my second failed attempt to dine at Happy’s Chinese Restaurant, I went past the equally-packed King O’Malley’s and soon arrived at the local Pancake Parlour.

Fortunately, the Pancake Parlour wasn’t packed, and I had a nice comfort-food dinner.

Despite all those new books that I now had on my person, while dining I took out the Kindle and re-read some of Bill Pronzini’s classic and hilarious survey of bad mystery fiction, Gun In Cheek (a book that I had first enjoyed back in the early 2000s, and had recently found as an ebook at Amazon for only $3.99).

After dinner I returned to my hotel room, and for the next several hours I indulged in a luxury for the first time during my work-visit in Canberra – staying up until my regular bedtime of 2am.

I went to bed tired and happy, especially as I wouldn’t have to wake up to an alarm, and soon fell asleep.


Some time later I woke up needing to urinate badly, saw that it was still dark outside, went to the toilet and returned to bed.

The next time I woke up, it was light outside, but I turned away from my window over Northbourne Avenue and soon fell asleep again.

I woke up two or three more times, and went back to sleep two or three more times.

Finally, I awoke again to another alarm from my bladder, and after I returned from the bathroom I turned on my iPhone to see what time it was, thinking that perhaps it was late morning or even around noon…

It was 1:45pm.

I said a Keanu-like “Whoah!” and decided to stay up.


With most of Saturday’s business hours now gone and Happy’s opening in just three hours’ time, I was disappointed that there would be no lazy afternoon at King O’Malley’s…

…but very soon while doing my first surfing for the day, I realised that it was St. Patrick’s Day.

So there would have been no lazy afternoon at King O’Malley’s, to be sure.


At around 3:30pm, I finally dragged myself outdoors to go shopping for a second suitcase to carry last night’s booty.

For the next hour I looked around the rest of Canberra Centre, but eventually I returned to Strandbags and got myself a brand new bag there for a good price.

Next, with still about 20 minutes to kill before Happy’s opened, I went a few doors down to AllBooks4Less and returned to a couple of titles I had spotted last night but had decided to give more thought to before possibly buying them today…

…and then I spotted a few other titles I had somehow missed…

…and later that night when I took the spectacular photographs featured in Part 2 and below, I had a third pile to add to my growing collection of Canberra-bought books:

This was the cheapest pile at $25, although if I had bought them at regular Australian retail prices of $20-$60 per book…


Not long after 5pm, I went back down that narrow flight of stairs to Happy’s.

And with a suitcase, after all.

Tonight, though, I was the first customer.

And about two hours or so later, I walked back up those stairs to Garema Place feeling very full and happy indeed.

It had been a short yet very rewarding Saturday in Civic.


During the rest of my stay in Canberra, I would buy one more book – and although I could have bought it as an ebook for $14, QBD Books at Woden had Starman: The Definitive Biography Of David Bowie reduced to only $7.99, so why not.

At the same time while in the national capital, I was still feeding my Kindle – which included buying another biography called Starman, although that one is about Yuri Gargarin and was only $4.62 (and I first read it book form about a decade ago, but it was a good read so why not again).

And I would also take a punt with using my Kindle in a new way.

But all of that is getting ahead of both myself and yet another series I plan to start next week that takes an overall look at my recent stay in Canberra and the significance it had for my past, present and future.

And in late April there will be a post celebrating another important anniversary from last year, which is connected to Valentine’s Day 2011 but in a very good way.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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