OFFS! (Part 2)

Part 1

Saturday evening was just beginning, so the pub downstairs was already quite lively.

Fortunately, there were several counters, and the one where I’d checked in yesterday wasn’t very busy.

One of the two staff there was a young guy, and after he greeted me cheerfully I told him politely that there was no hot water upstairs.

Suddenly, he looked very uncertain and said hesitatingly that he “didn’t know anything about the hotel rooms upstairs”, but if I just waited a minute he’d go and ask someone else about it.

I thanked him, and as he left I stood there and waited.

A minute or so later, he returned and said that someone was being telephoned to see what needed to be done.

I thanked him and he left once more.

Another minute or later, he returned to say that the electric system was being rebooted in the hope that it would get hot water flowing again.

I thanked him for that, and then he said something quite extraordinary.

The pub, he confessed with an embarrassed smile, had also been without hot water since “that afternoon”.


I stayed quiet, though, as he advised me that he didn’t know how long it would be before there hot water again, but hopefully it would be soon and if later there still wasn’t, please let us know again…

I thanked him and left.


I returned to my room and teh internets, and for a little while I pondered what had just happened.

I had no issues with the young guy. All throughout he had been friendly and helpful; he had taken ownership and action of the problem; and eventually, the problem had been addressed…

…but the pub had also been without hot water for a few or several hours?

That’s like a pub with no beer.

To be fair, perhaps the pub had been using a perfectly reasonable work-around, but still…

…and if I had instead suffered in silence and tried using my own work-around like boiling water with my room’s kettle and washing from my room’s basin, how much longer would the pub have perhaps continued without hot water?

It’s astounding just how powerful and life-changing those words Oh, for fuck’s sake! can be – and not just for myself.


About an hour or so later, I returned to the bathroom and my preferred shower-stall.

I remained dressed as, full of hope but prepared for the worst, I turned on the hot-water tap a little.

Water gently burst downwards.

I let the water run a few seconds, and then I moved my hand into it.

It was very hot.

I smiled, turned off the tap and got undressed.

A moment later, I cranked both taps wide open so that the water blasted downwards and stepped under it.

And there I remained for the next fifteen minutes or so.

It was a great shower, indeed.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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  1. etype says:

    I don’t know why…but I like this story

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