Building all through the night

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Late night, Wednesday, 13 June 2012.

Finally, it was time.

I’d been thinking of doing this for months – but thanks to the usual inertias, laziness and many something-elses that often suddenly came up, I hadn’t gotten to it yet.

But during the past few nights, I’d taken some very big steps in reducing my years of hoarding – and in particular throwing out four garbage bags mostly full of old and unused clothing – that had freed up a lot of space, enabled me to store remaining stuff more efficiently and, finally, create a temporary hobby-desk for what I had been thinking of doing.

So I no longer had any excuse for not doing it.

But as well, I was just simply excited about doing it.

I’d just completed 30 minutes of work, so as part of my personal Pomodoro Technique I was now on a 30-minute break.

I got up from my PC, went over to the small set of metal shelves that was my temporary hobby-desk and sat down cross-legged in front of it.

Next, I opened the two big boxes I’d brought home last week after paying them off via store lay-by for the past two months.

And during the next 30 minutes, I began my new hobby project – seeing if it was possible to combine two LEGO 4439 Heavy-Lift Helicopters into a larger heavier-lifter.


When I was a kid, one thing I really wanted to do when I grew up was to keep building with my favourite childhood toy, LEGO – and, most importantly, buy as much as I wanted to and double-up on favourite sets.

During 1999-2000, when I was in my late 20s, it looked like this dream was about to come true. I bought a lot of LEGO…but after a brief period of building a few things, the dream died.

Why? At the time, I was too self-critical as an adult LEGO builder, and it didn’t seem as much fun anymore.

Years passed. Every now then I’d see an exciting new LEGO set or sets, and I’d sometimes buy them and even build them…but there are still several unopened boxes scattered throughout my apartment, and the sets I did build have done nothing but gather dust ever since.

Part of me still kept on wanting to get back into LEGO, but other parts of me like the self-critical adult and the space-filling hoarder still kept on getting in the way.

In early 2010, however, I discovered the Manosphere and great sites like The Art of Manliness that led to a growing interest in developing a hobby that got me away from my PC and doing something with my hands.

In late 2011, I saw for the first time the LEGO 3221 Truck. I’ve long had a fondness for toy semi-trailers, here was a nice-looking LEGO one that I thought would be nice to have…

…and one day in early 2012, when I came upon several 3221s available in a local store, I created a new year’s resolution then and there: embrace LEGO-building as a hobby.

That morning, I put three 3221s on lay-by (but later cancelled it and opened a similar lay-by at another store where I could save $35).


In the months that followed, I bought more LEGO or put it on lay-by.

I began making daily visits to MOCpages for ideas and inspiration for future projects.

I opened a MOCpages account in preparation for the day when I would begin posting photos of my own creations; I asked friends about the basics of close-up photography and photography in general; and for the first time in my life, I started buying photographic-related equipment (or at least a macro-lens for my iPhone).

I built a few small sets to get back into the swing of LEGO-building and discover what new pieces and techniques were now available…

…but by now it was April-May 2012, and still the bug hadn’t bitten.

Why? Because I didn’t have a dedicated LEGO-building area to make life easier and my hobby enjoyable.

There is my work-desk, but it’s small and desktop-space is very limited and awkward for LEGO-building (as I’d found with those smalls sets I mentioned above).

And that’s it.

I needed another desk – but from where? And did I really have enough space for one?

Damn, all this clutter in my apartment…


Finally, a week or so ago I got fed up with my getting nowhere and I uttered the four magic words that had helped me a few weeks before just south of Wollongong:

Oh, for fuck’s sake!

I also remembered this site’s credo and one hour at a time at one night at a time, I attacked some of my clutter.

Part of that involved removing a big pile of stuff that for a year or so had stood on top of the small set of metal shelves that would become my temporary hobby-desk.

Another part involved filling those four garbage bags that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, which freed up much better space for storage. It’s now mostly occupied by the boxes of LEGO sets I’ve been buying this year – previously, they’d been stacked in various piles throughout my apartment.

A few days later, a much less cluttered home meant a much less cluttered mind, and I felt much better.

And I now also had space for LEGO-building.


That first night, I spent a couple of hours in total working on my modified 4439 heavier-lifter.

I enjoyed it so much that, while Pomodoroing with work, I stayed up until 4:30am Thursday morning.

Late Thursday night I returned every half-hour to my hobby-desk and stayed up until 5:30am Friday morning.

Late Friday night it was back to my modified 4439 heavier-lifter for an hour or so at a time, and it was after 8:30am Saturday when I finally went to bed.

Yes, at long last the bug has finally bitten hard.

My modified 4439 heavier-lifter is nearing completion. There have been some challenging frustrations – for a long time, the roof crumbled easily until I finally shored up that fucker for good – but overall it’s been stimulating, thought-provoking and very rewarding.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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4 Responses to Building all through the night

  1. Cobolt blue says:

    Will you post a picture of your heavy lifter? I’m curious as to how you combine two sets.
    Also congrats on your decluttering effort. It can be really difficult to get started with decluttering but the reward is great at the end. I always feel I’ve got rid of mental clutter as well as physical clutter in the end.

    • Like you said, getting started on the decluttering was the hardest part – but once I got going, I asked myself why I hadn’t got started earlier 🙂

      As for the heavier-lifter, there will be photos posted at my MOCpages account soon (I hope). Stay tuned!

  2. CaityWorld says:

    Well done!

    I’m attempting to de-clutter my house. I can never decide whether I should get rid of something or not. I know that if I haven’t used in x amount of time, I don’t need it, so I should chuck it, but some things have sentimental value. Or I might actually use that broken item under six inches of dust. Or the person that gave the thing to me might be offended if I get rid of it.

    Anyway, enjoy playing with your Lego! You should take a look at this site: – it’s full of potential Lego sets.

    • Thanks for the well-done and the link, which I’m already familiar with but which other readers may find interesting.

      Both yourself and Cobolt Blue mentioning my decluttering was part of the inspiration for the post that follows this one 🙂

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