Poor Man, Rich Man: The Website That Saved My Life (Part 5)

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Mid-morning, Wednesday, 21 December 2011.

A year to the day after the events described in Part 3, I was back in that same country town.

And again, while my eldest sister went off with her kids to do some things, I returned to the local RSL and had another great comfort-food lunch.

I didn’t go back into the combined meeting room and library, because I had no need to, but I looked at its door from the centre of the club with a mixture of feelings.

It was also ten months ago to the day when I’d been informed that I’d officially been bankrupt since Valentine’s Day 2012.

A lot had happened in those ten months, and was still happening.

There had been some financial hiccups along the way, but overall life had gotten much better.


Early afternoon, Friday 21 December 2012.

I hadn’t planned it because of the significance of the date, but because that particular day was convenient for all parties concerned.

I caught a train from where I’d spent the past few days holidaying with my youngest sister and traveled to that same country town near where my eldest sister lived so she could pick me up to spend the next few days at her place.

Sis, her kids and I set off for an afternoon of Christmas shopping in a couple of other nearby towns. As we drove and talked, I mentioned the significance of the date, and in turn that unexpectedly led me to tell sis more about the details of my bankruptcy.

I also talked a lot about a famous Jon Ronson article I’d recently read that had especially resonated with me – ‘Who Killed Richard Cullen?’

A year and ten months to the day had passed since I’d learned that I was bankrupt.

2012 had seen more financial hiccups than 2011, as well as other pressures and stresses (particularly during the last six months) that had made me glad that the year was now almost over.

But still, life overall was much better than it had been before I made that fateful discovery late that night at sis’s place almost two years before.

Bankruptcy Saves Lives had indeed saved mine.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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