Genghis Khan, thank you and all the best

Long-time readers of Black and Blue Man may recall this post from August 2011 in which I described seeing a terrible accident on the way to dinner at a favourite restauarant, and the very kind gesture at that restaurant that helped me calm down and relax.

That restaurant was Genghis Khan Mongolian BBQ, and I’m sitting here now typing these words.

Alas, this will also the last time I ever write at Genghis Khan, because after 30 years of business they are closing down tonight.

I will miss Genghis Khan greatly for several reasons. As I described in my August 2011 post, it became a regular destination because of its great food, great value and great staff.

As well, several of my friendships during the past decade began at Genghis Khan. I met online friends from Sydney, interstate and even overseas in person for the first time over dinner at Genghis Khan.

Also, a few years ago NaNoWriMo founder himself Chris Baty came to Sydney and about 20 of us joined him for a fun evening at Genghis Khan.

Finally, the last year or so of my life has been strained at times, and dinner most Friday and Sunday nights at Genghis Khan became something to look forward to each week.

Thus, when I was informed one Sunday night in early July that Genghis Khan would be closing, I was saddened indeed.

Initially, Genghis Khan was going to close during the first weekend of August, but then it became the end of September.

And now the end of September and an era of my life is here.

Nothing lasts forever, but there are some things you wish could continue for a while longer.

To the staff of Genghis Khan, thank you very much for 15 years of happy memories, and all the best for the future.


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