Walking for life and a good cause

Jay and Luke Hawkins (used with permission)

Luke and Jay Hawkins (used with permission)

Saturday, 25 January 2014.

I went on another long walk that I will describe in a future post or two, but I had a great encounter that I’d like to mention now before it’s too late.

At around 12:30pm I was heading south along the Pacific Highway through Wahroonga, a suburb on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

As I headed along a narrow footpath, I saw coming towards me what at first I thought were a pair of council workmen, with the one in the lead pushing what I thought was a cart of landscaping tools.

As we drew close I stepped aside to let them pass, and as they thanked me I noticed a very familiar question on their front of their cart: R U OK?

And above that, the words ‘Walk For Life’.

I excused myself and asked about the R U OK? reference – and their answer astounded me.

To raise awareness for R U OK? they are walking from the Mornington Peninsula down in Victoria up to the Gold Coast in Queensland.

That’s a distance of about 1930 kilometres (almost 1200 miles).

And they are planning to do it in 40 days.

I decided not to hold them up much longer, so I made a donation and wished them all the very best indeed.

Hours later after my walk was complete, I looked them up online.

You can learn about, support and follow the progress of father-and-son team Jay and Luke Hawkins at their fundraising site and their Facebook page.

Jay and Luke, all the very best again and stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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