Poor Man, Rich Man: Bankruptcy – Year Three


Year One
Year Two

15 February 2014.

In the months leading up to that date, I began thinking about it more and more.

Finally it came, and went.

A few days later, I received a very important letter.

The letter included a certificate stating that on 15 February 2014, I was discharged from bankruptcy.

One era of my life and ended, and another had begun.


Regular readers of Black and Blue Man may recall my previous entries about the first and second years of my bankruptcy (see links above).

What was my third year like?

It was okay.

As I reported at the end of my Year Two post, my money situation was getting better – and in the months that followed until mid-year, it got much better. This was thanks to a few hundred dollars that stayed in my bank account for a few months and ensured that I didn’t have to live merely from pay to pay each fortnight.

During the second half of the year, though, a computer-related problem dragged on for months and resulted in a series of ongoing expenses that didn’t torpedo me…but it was a drag and a strain.

At one stage, I even raided my rudimentary savings system where every few days I emptied most of the coins in my wallet into jars (the only exceptions were 20-cent and one-dollar coins, which I have to use for the coin-op washing machine in my apartment building’s laundry). I was amazed, grateful and pleased that just doing that simple scheme for several months had resulted in $156…but I was also sorry to see it go.

What also didn’t help was my general life-situation and mood throughout 2013. As I’ve written in several other posts, 2013 was mostly filled with work dreariness and mid-life-crisis worry; as well, at the the end of the year there were a few incidents that were very infuriating or upsetting or both. Add all of that to my financial tedium, and the result is that at year’s end I was glad to see 2013 be gone.

Fortunately, the year thus far has seen some improvement. Work hasn’t been too bad of late, and there have been several new and rediscovered activities that have helped to make life better. New activities include the long walks I’ve been describing in the Black and Blue Walking Man series (with more to come); rediscovered activities include the return of Lego building, thanks greatly to a new social aspect (more also to come about that).

Financially, the year thus far hasn’t been too bad. I’m still living from pay to pay, but increasingly I have been ending each fortnight under less financial strain. As well, this time of year is a burdensome period of several big bills arriving at once, but I am dealing with them and have become less stressed about doing so.

My journey to financial peace of mind remains a long and slow one, but I am getting there.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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