The lost series of Black and Blue Man

Black and Blue Man

I’ve been posting here at Black and Blue Man for just over four years now.

Overall, it’s been a very rewarding experience. Not only has it given me an outlet for writing, and allowed me to review important stages in my life, but I’ve also gotten supportive feedback from readers and I’ve even had some of my stuff reposted via The Good Men Project, one of my favourite manosphere sites.

Some of my favourite writing here has taken place in the format of series, where some topics have kept me going for several posts.

But there have also been some series that never continued past the first post.


Songs of Inspiration (27 February 2011)
This was meant to be a semi-regular series to discuss songs that have inspired me for various reasons during various stages of my life, but it has never happened.

And I think the main reason why is that this post has always been one of my least favourites.

No, it’s not because the first song I chose to write about was by one of the most despised bands of recent years – Nickleback. I still like ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ a lot, and other Nickelback songs as well (although when I later heard a couple of Nickelback albums, I was very disappointed by the low quality of most of the non-singles songs – they really were just ‘filler’).

And I still have pleasant memories of the night I describe in that post…

…but ever since, I’ve felt that I could have perhaps written a stronger post about the overall impact that ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’ had had upon me.

I ended up writing what I did because indirectly that song inspired me to have that pleasant and positive night – but still, what I did write strikes me as somewhat bland.

Ah, well. We learn from our mistakes, and I’ve left that post as an example to remind me.

2012: A Canberra Odyssey (1 April 2012)
This was meant to be a series about three weeks I spent working in Canberra in early 2012, and how it was a very enjoyable experience that also showed me how much I’d grown and improved as a person.

And unlike what I wrote for ‘Songs of Inspiration’, I have no problems with this post…

…but I think what happened here is that in the weeks that followed that post, there were other topics I felt more compelled to write about, like the ‘DA’ sub-series of ‘Poor Man, Rich Man’; my period of staying up all night and sleeping most of the day; and going off my anti-depressants.

Prior to this post, I did write a short series about once again visiting Clouston & Hall Booksellers, which was part of that 2012 trip…but that was it.

When I was putting together last week’s post, I looked at this post for the first time in ages and thought it was a shame that I didn’t complete this series at the time, because that three weeks in Canberra had been a very good experience.

Maybe I will complete this series after all, albeit perhaps in brief due to fading memory. We’ll see.


There is another series that I began late last year, and began drafting a second entry for early this year, but put aside – partly because the several Black and Blue Walking Man series came along, but also because activity related to that would-be series died off for several months.

Since March, however, a lot has been happening in regards to that series – and I mean a lot, including why I recently returned to Canberra for the first time since early 2012.

So next entry, which I hope will be in a week’s time or so, I will be returning to that series.

Until then, stay well and take care 🙂


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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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