Mid-Life Crisis (Part 3)

(Enoc vt/Wikimedia Commons)

(Enoc vt/Wikimedia Commons)

Part 1
Part 2

As I mentioned at the end of Part 2, I wanted to make sure that 2014 would not turn into another dreary mid-life-crisis year like 2013 had been.

One way to do this was to finally do something I had been thinking about for several years.

And so, only four days into the new year, I made the first of my Sydney long walks.

As those who have read my Black and Blue Man Walking Man posts will recall, I’ve enjoyed the walks immensely (apart from harrowing moments like this one and this other one). Part of my enjoyment comes from seeing some parts of Sydney for the first time and revisiting other parts that I hadn’t seen for many years; another part comes from testing my endurance and seeing what I can achieve.

Yet another part of enjoying my walks came from them being something new, exciting and interesting to do that would not only give me good memories for the distant future, but also something to look forward to in the near future and keep away my mid-life-crisis thoughts.

And they worked. Thanks partly to my walks, 2014 became a much better year than 2013.


Another way to combat my mid-life-crisis thoughts not only worked like my long walks, but also exceeded my expectations.

As I’ve related in my other series Building Again (still in progress if way behind), in 2012 I became an Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) and in late 2013 I decided to take it a step further by joining a local LEGO Users Group (LUG). My main intention for joining the LUG was to meet other people to talk and build LEGO with, but I thought that one day I may also take the dramatic step of displaying My Own Creations (MOCs) at shows.

Apart from attending the last LUG meeting for the year, 2013 ended before anything else could happen. And for the first few months, 2014 was quiet LUG-wise…

…but then in March I displayed at a cozy and pleasant suburban arts festival

…and then in April I displayed at the LUG’s annual big show in Sydney…

…and in the months that followed there were more shows, ranging from “little shows” like arts festivals and school fetes to other “big shows” like Canberra Brick Expo 2014.

Not only that, the LUG had (and still has) meetings every 2-3 months that are very interesting and great fun. As well, through shows I’ve met other AFOLs from other LUGs in cities like Canberra and Melbourne.

And in turn, as I had originally hoped, LUG activity has encouraged and improved my LEGO building overall.

When I was a kid and LEGO had been one of my favourite toys, I had often fantasized about still buying LEGO as an adult and wondered if I would actually do it.

If only my childhood self could see me now 🙂


So thanks to long-walking and LEGO, 2014 became a much better year than 2013.

What also helped was a better atmosphere at work. 2013’s onslaught of redundancies vanished, and although there was one difficult mid-year project 2014 turned out to be not too bad in general.

(Of course, 2015 would begin with a very dramatic change in my working life, but that’s another story for this ongoing series)


Throughout 2014, mid-life crisis thoughts remained…but as time passed, they became less frequent and intense.

I still have anger and regrets about my past, and always will, but I can’t go back and change it. It’s a shame, but that’s life.

What I can do, of course, is focus on the present and do what I can to make it as best as I can, one day at a time at one hour at a time – so that in the future, I can look back and be happy with where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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2 Responses to Mid-Life Crisis (Part 3)

  1. James says:

    There are some awesome walks at Cronulla in Sydney’s south, both on the very long stretch of beach (from far Kurnell to South Cronulla), or along the walking path.

    Also try Oatley Park, then through Oatley, then over Como (walking) bridge to Como. You can then catch a train to the city or wherever you live.

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