Black and Blue Walking Man: Berowra to Hornsby, perhaps (Part 3)

Hornsby railway station, Hornsby NSW (Abesty/Wikipedia)

Hornsby railway station, Hornsby NSW (Abesty/Wikimedia Commons)

Part 1
Part 2

I resumed my journey south-west along the Pacific Highway.

Fortunately, as I would discover, there would be footpaths for the rest of my journey.

As well, the terrain stayed relatively flat with only a few small hills here and there.

Also, the environment was pleasant Sydney Upper North Shore suburbia.

The weather stayed fine.

It was one of my most relaxing long walks yet.

After Mount Kuring-gai came Mount Colah, which I had last visited on a cold, dark and rain-swept night back in 2012. Today, though, I could finally see most of it on a nice day.

After Mount Colah came Asquith, which I had also last visited in 2012 but during the afternoon. It still looked the same as I remembered it, including the Coles supermarket not far from the highway.

That’s where I stopped just after 1pm for another break and more chilled water that tasted absolutely delicious.

Berowra to Asquith (Google Maps)

Berowra to Asquith (Google Maps)

At 1:20pm, I resumed my journey.

Not far now to Hornsby.

There were two ways to get there – the more-direct route along Jersey and George Streets that followed the railway line, or along the Pacific Highway as it headed west and eventually turned back into Hornsby.

I decided to continue along the Pacific Highway.

And once again, I was pleasantly surprised.

As I mentioned before when I previously walked from Hornsby to Artarmon, “beauty” is not a word that many Sydney motorists would associate with the Pacific Highway – but today as I walked it from Asquith to Hornsby, I experienced and saw it in a different way as it passed through a picturesque neighbourhood.

Barely 40 minutes after leaving the Coles at Asquith, and including a brief visit to a secondhand bookshop, I arrived at Hornsby railway station at around 2pm.

I officially declared my walk complete.

Berowra to Hornsby (Google Maps)

Berowra to Hornsby (Google Maps)

Soon after, I went over to the Westfield Hornsby shopping centre, where the first shop I visited was Kathmandu.

As I browsed their adventuring gear, I smiled as I thought about the adventure I’d just completed.

I didn’t buy anything, although I was quite tempted by a few items.


Despite that uncomfortable half-hour between Berowra and Mount Kuring-gai, my first long-walk for 2015 had been a success.

As a result, I began looking forward to doing more.

In the days that followed, I revived a previous idea of walking from Hornsby to Parramatta and considered a new one from Carramar to Parramatta out west.

But as it turned out, I wouldn’t do another long-walk for almost six months.

Although only a week after I walked from Berowra to Hornsby, an unexpected and greater life-challenge appeared.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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