Black and Blue Walking Man: The Zoo Expedition (Part 3)

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW (J J Harrison/Wikipedia)

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NSW (J J Harrison/Wikipedia)

Part 1
Part 2

It was a quiet night as I walked southwards along the Pacific Highway out of Crows Nest and into North Sydney.

I had first made this walk way back in late 2002, from one of the offices that my previous employer had had at the time in St. Leonards to what would become my new work address in North Sydney. That day, a nice springtime Friday, I had gone to St. Leonards for some reason, and afterwards I had decided to walk down the road to North Sydney to see what it was like down there.

Between 2002 and 2007, when I was relocated again, I made the walk between St. Leonards/Crows Nest and North Sydney many, many times.

And now in 2015, this was the first time I was walking this familiar old trail as a former employee.

I wasn’t melancholy, but I did think a lot about what had been.

As well, in my third month of job-hunting, I wondered what lay ahead.


Barely 15 minutes after leaving Montezuma’s, I was making quick downhill progress through North Sydney.

And another 15-20 minutes later, I began a walk that I had made many, many more times than the one from St. Leonards to North Sydney.

After North Sydney came Milsons Point, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On the way to the Bridge, I passed what used to be the site of the office where, way back in 2006, I had made six crucial and life-changing visits.

And not far past that site, I passed where less than a year before I had come very close to completing the 2014 Seven Bridges Walk.

Soon I came to the Bridge, which looks spectacular at night as shown in the photographic example above, and for the several-hundredth time in my life I used it to cross over the Harbour to the CBD.

And after the CBD, and about an hour and a half after leaving Crows Nest, I was home.


My total walk home from the zoo via Crows Nest was one of my shortest long-walks – about 14 kilometres – but it was also one of my most pleasant. A lot of it had been flat or mostly level through some of Sydney’s nicest neighbourhoods, and crossing the Harbour Bridge is always a good way to end a walk.

As well, it had gotten me out of the apartment and away from the dreariness of job-hunting for a while.


The next morning, I finally got in touch with the recruiter in Canberra who had called me at the zoo. He was pleasant enough as he told me about an upcoming opportunity down in the national capital, and said that he’d be in touch.

That afternoon, I bought a set of compact headphones for my backpack and the first of two tablet pouches to keep it in (the second pouch took up less room).

Soon, those headphones would certainly become worth it for both personal and jobhunt-related ‘phone calls whenever I was out and about.

It was that ‘phone call, however, that would have a much bigger impact upon my life…

…but that’s another story for another series.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂


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