Confidence and the way I walk

During the past few years as I’ve learned (and continue to learn) about living with depression, my overall thinking has changed and I’ve come to understand many important concepts.

One of those concepts is confidence, something I had completely misunderstood for most of my life.

Why? Because for a long time, I had mistakenly thought that confidence was the same as arrogance, and especially when it came to masculinity. To me, the stereotype of a confident man was an aggressive loudmouth who thought he was better than anyone and everyone else.

Unfortunately, this mindset was very wrong – and along with other negatives like a fear of almost everything and utter self-loathing, I kept myself in the dark for many years.

A few years ago, however, everything changed. With therapy and medication, I became calm and adopted a positive and pro-active mindset about life and myself.

As a result, I became more relaxed – and finally, I came to understand what confidence actually means.

It’s certainly not arrogance – but it certainly is being comfortable with yourself.

And when you become that, the world is much less threatening and much more pleasant.

One of the best examples of understanding and embracing confidence is how it’s changed the way I walk.

For a long time, I mostly went around with my head down – and if I saw someone or something unpleasant ahead, I’d quickly and obviously look away. As a result, I made myself easy prey for people like aggressive panhandlers who could see my timidity and insult me as I hurried past and tried to pretend that I wasn’t there.

During the past few years, however, I’ve learned to walk better – shoulders straight, always looking ahead instead of down, and (especially when someone or something unpleasant approaches) maintaining my course.

As a result, I get bugged less and insulted less, and I enjoy walking much more.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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