15 Minutes (Part 3)

Continued from these thrilling installments:

Down Oxford Street again, for the second time within an hour, but walking as fast as I can.

Back across Hyde Park South, but instead of following the north-west path to Elizabeth and Park I took the west path to Bathurst and Elizabeth.

And as I approached the lights at that intersection, I wondered if I should do something just before going to the meeting…

…and ultimately, I though Why not? because I was going to be late anyway.

Across Elizabeth to the north side of Bathurst.

Down Bathurst to the 7-11 on the corner of Bathurst and Pitt, where I stopped to buy a big bottle of water because I was going to be late anyway.

Across Bathurst to its south side, and then west towards George.

Just before I got to George, I turned left into a food court in a building that was next door to my destination.

As I knew it would be, the food court was packed with a typical Sydney CBD lunchtime crowd.

I kept moving fast and weaved my way through the human asteroid field.

Finally, I made it to the other side unscathed and went through the doors to the building next door.

I went straight to the lifts.

I pressed UP and waited.

And waited.

Soon, one of the lifts pinged and its doors opened.

I got in and selected my floor, and as the doors closed and my ascent began I took my iPhone out to see what time it was –


Good grief. After all that – and I was still going to be on time?!?

A moment later, the lift pinged again and the doors opened.

I stepped out, went to reception, announced why I was there, and was pointed to a nearby room.

I walked in to find two other people there, including the meeting chairman, preparing to sit down.

I joined them, said hello, put down my bags and took out the first of many pocket tissues to soak up the sweat that was now flooding down my face.


A few minutes later, a fourth and final attendee arrived.

About five minutes after that, we found that the projector in our room wasn’t working and so we relocated to another room.

Just before 12:45, we finally got underway.

And as I’d hoped, it was an interesting meeting about how to plan the writing of technical documentation, some of which has helped me since.


In the weeks since that mad-shit morning, I’ve become extra careful whenever checking my pockets to ensure that everything that should be in them is there.

Although it was reassuring to learn during that hair-raising hour that I can now keep my cool enough to think and act quickly, and also be more prepared to take risks, I never want to find myself in a situation like that ever again.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

About blackandblueman

Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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