Putting something together again

To my regular readers, my apologies for not posting for the past two weeks.

Sunday, around 2:30pm, 11 September 2011.

The weekend was into its last quarter, and the previous three quarters hadn’t been very rewarding.

The night before had been especially frustrating. Saturday night is usually blog night, when I write my entries for Black and Blue Man. Last night, the writing had gone well at first…but when I looked at it again later that night, it wasn’t all that interesting, so I decided that I’d need to write something else and I would get stuck back into it first thing Sunday morning.

Late Saturday night became early Sunday morning, and around 4am I went to bed hoping to get a good six hours or so of sleep.

I woke up at 7:19am, groaned, rolled over and hoped to drift back to sleep and not wake up again until about 10am.

The next time I opened my eyes, it was 11:55am.


I got up, began surfing and cooked some breakfast.

Two and a half hours later, I still didn’t feel inspired to tackle my next blog entry again, but I decided that at the very least I could do, or at least start, something else that was productive (and maybe I could return to Black and Blue Man that night).

So I decided to do something that I hadn’t gotten around to doing for what I thought had been the past month – configure my new work notebook PC, still in its box.

When I grabbed the box, however, I saw from its label that I was mistaken – it had actually been sitting there for the past two months.

Double crap!

I opened the box, took out my new PC…

…and found that I didn’t have quite enough room on my desk for it to sit next to my old work PC.

For fuck’s sake!

I sat there for a moment and looked at why my desk didn’t have enough room.

Regular readers may recall back in April when, to not only make more room for a new big-arse desk chair but also clear enough space for somewhere just to assemble it, I spent most of a day doing a major re-organisation of some of my stuff. That had included clearing three of the then six towers of books that had occupied one end of my desk, and that had given me some welcome extra space.

But now I looked once more at those last three towers of books still taking up that end of the desk and not giving me enough space to have small two notebook PCs sit side-by-side.

For fuck’s sake again!

And so, I got up to do something I had planned to do not long after that day in April – but like several other things, I kept putting it off because of sleeping in on weekends, or procrastination, or that useful Brady Bunch-ism “something suddenly came up”, or all of the above.

I was finally going to assemble the three-drawer beech filing cabinet I had bought flat-packed from Freedom Furniture…

…nine years ago.


First, I propped open the door to my apartment.

Second, I lugged stack after stack of books out into the nearby hallway to clear space for the cabinet when it was assembled. Soon, part of the hallway was taken up with a city of book-skyscrapers.

Third, in my kitchen I moved aside the stack of four big boxes containing my stuff from when I’d last had an office desk in…yikes, October last year, and then I dragged out my unassembled and boxed cabinet from where it had sat next to the fridge since…yikes again, 2002.

Fourth, I grabbed my toolbox.

Finally, I sat down in my assembly-area (the couple of metres square between my open front door and desk), opened the box containing my cabinet, and went to work.


Hours passed.

One time, I realised I’d fitted two parts together incorrectly, so I had to carefully disassemble them and put them back together properly.

Two times, I lost up to fifteen minutes trying to fit the wrong screws into the wrong holes.

Putting the three drawers together took ages because fitting the many right screws without holes took a lot of screwdriver-twisting effort – and for the first time in my life, I appreciated why a power-drill is be a great thing to own.

At one point, though, my iPhone and the Flashlight app I’d bought for it unexpectedly came in handy when I had to work inside the partially-assembled cabinet and some awkward darkened corners.

And although it was very tempting to just keep on assembling the cabinet and bring my books back in with a non-stop burst of effort, I paced myself and took breaks.

Thus, it wasn’t until about 10pm when I was finally done.

But as I’d found with my previous labours in April, it was worth it – despite having to spend the next few days soothing my ragged hands with hand-cream and grimacing from the aching in my arms and legs.

My new filing cabinet brought more order to my chaos by giving me a central location for storing my paperwork, extra space for storing some of my books and freeing up more floor-space from the books it now contained.

And those three towers of books on my desk? They were now stacked on top of my filing cabinet, so I now had enough space on my desk for putting two notebook PCs side-by-side and more besides.

And although I had some physical pain, it was ‘good’ pain as a result of rewarding labour, and not as draining and dreary as some of the mental exhaustion I’ve experienced.

It’s amazing how productive you can be after getting pissed off at yourself.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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Black and Blue Man lives in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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