Antidepressants and me (Part 1 of a semi-regular series)

As I’ve mentioned several times before, since August 2007 my life has improved dramatically thanks partly to the therapy that I continue to this day.

My therapy consists of weekly 30-minute visits to a local psychiatrist where we discuss the progress I’ve been making with my life, any problems that have newly appeared or resurfaced, and how to solve those problems.

Therapy has been very rewarding. Thanks to talking with a neutral professional, I’ve been able to get a lot of emotional and mental crap out of my system, and thus build a better life.

It was during my fourth visit to the psychiatrist that, based on what we’d gone over during the past month, he diagnosed that I was suffering from moderate depression, and to help address it he was going to prescribe me antidepressants.

That worried me.

Part of my worry stemmed from the idea of becoming dependent and reliant upon medication. Yes, it’s medicine and it helps to make you better…but having to take pills every day, and perhaps for years, and even for the rest of my life? Ugh.

Another part of my worry was that my psychiatrist advised that it may take some time to find the right antidepressant for my situation. So I might have to try several types before I found the right one. Ugh again.

The major part of my worry, though, stemmed from what I’d heard and read about antidepressants from others.

In general, both people I knew and who’d written online about their experiences had said the same things:

  • Their medication had worked in the sense that they no longer felt depressed…but at the same time, it left them not wanting to do much else at all
  • Eventually, they all stopped taking their medication because they preferred to live without it

I admitted all of this to my psychiatrist, and he appreciated my concerns. Still, he wanted me to give antidepressants a chance, and he advised me to be calm and patient – it would take a month for my system to adjust to the medication, and then it would start having an effect.

So, he wrote me a prescription that I later had filled a local chemist, and that night I began taking a moderate antidepressant that I knew nothing about except for its (in)famous name – Prozac.

And a month later, in conjunction with my ongoing therapy, life would never be the same again.

Until next time, stay well and take care 🙂

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